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Standardization and Standards

Standardization Activities

Standards Policy

Research on global standards policies, statistics on national standards, standardization reports, businesses on standards policies and planning for standardization promotion

Standardization Activities

Standards Development

Recent research projects for standardization are as follows:

Standardization Activities

Global Activities

KSA takes secretariats of technical committees and subtechnical committees of international standardization organizations.
KSA holds standardization forums and strengthens international cooperation for standards through discussion of standards collaboration and development and implementation of various collaborative programs.

Standardization Activities


KSA operates the world standards day to facilitate standardization in private sector and promotes advancement of national standards through dissemination of excellent examples of standardization activity.
a website where the general public can propose ideas for standards in daily life to identify standards tasks.

Standardization Activities

Standardization learning is a big issue as well. KSA performs various education programs for elementary school students, college students, workers and experts.

Standardization Activities


Korean Industrial Standards (KS)

KSA publishes standards developed or revised by KATS under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and disseminates them through wide-ranging channels covering handbooks, web services and DVDs to help customers utilize them in a prompt and convenient manner. Furthermore, in 2010, KSA built a database of normative reference regarding KS certification items to enable online search and offer more convenient services to certified companies. English translation services are also available since 2010 to respond to expanding overseas trade and growing needs of KS documents in English.

KS Sectors
Basic Standards(A) Mechanical engineering(B) Electrical&electronic engineering(C) Metals(D) Mine(E) Construction(F) Necessities(G)
Foodstuffs(H) Environment(I) Organism(J) Fiber(K) Ceramics(L) Chemistry(M) Medical(P)
Quality management(Q) Transportation machine(R) Service(S) Logistics(T) Shipbuilding(V) Aerospace(W) Information(X)